Friday, May 30, 2008

Clinical Trials

We had our Clinical Trials all day yesterday. Man I am so thankful that we live here in Salt Lake right next to doctor Swoboda. There were two other families there whose little girls had type two. They had to fly in from out of state. They just diagnosed another family with type 1 the day before. They are in the hospital because their baby has respitory distress. Thank God we have not had to deal with that yet! Our heart goes out to the family and we hope there baby will be ok.

Drum roll please ******** Brynlee's has improved from .5 to .8! YAY!!!!! This means that the meds are working! Brynlee had to get her blood drawn so that we could see how much we need to increase her VPA. They couldn't get it the first time so they had to get her twice. My heart breaks everytime I have to see her go through that. She had her Dexa scan and her bone density is better now to, so that is good news also. Dr Swoboda wants us to get her a sleep study so that we can get a bi-pap for when she gets sick. She wants us to have one on hand. She also wants us to get a swallow study done once a month from now on, so we can stay on top of it.

Brynlee started saying momma and dada and baba. It is the cutest little thing. I was worried that she wasn't going to talk. Then out of the blue she just started talking away. She has the sweetest little voice. Mark and I are going to get another garden in this weekend to cover our ugly utility boxes. We are going to Star Valley next weekend for my cousins wedding. It will be fun and a little scary! My sisters kids are sick right now and thats a bummer because if they are not better Brynlee won't get to see them. Tasha's little girl, Mia, thinks that Brynlee is her baby, LOL.


Jessica said...
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Jenie said...

YEAH! Way to go Brynlee! Every little step counts. I am so happy for you guys. When are you going to take a trip down to St. George so we can see this little one???

Melodie and Taye-Taye said...

YAY!!! i'm sooo unbelievably excited that she is responding to the meds!! yipeee... seriously thrilled! How cute that she's starting to say mama! what a doll:) Big hugs Brynlee! Love, Melodie and Taysen