Sunday, May 25, 2008

Memorial weekend

Hey all! We met our nurse and she is great. Brynlee seems to like her so that is a bonus. She will be out once a week to check on her. She was supposed to be out twice a week but Brynlee is doing great so we only need once. Yay! The hospice doctor came out to meet her also. He is a nice guy. He will only be out when we need him. Both of our Physical Therapist's are also going to be cutting back. So one will be every other week and the other one will be every three weeks or so. They said that I am doing everything that they do so we don't need them as much anymore. I am kind of happy about this. Not that I don't love them both. Its just so hectic with all the therapy appointments all the time.

We sent in our prototype so it should be there on Monday, Yay! Mark and I are going to get some time away today and go golfing. My friend Danny is going to come and babysit(Thanks Danny). She has been around Brynlee since she was born so Brynlee loves her. She is also certified in CPR so I totally trust her! Anyways I hope everyone is having a great weekend.

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