Monday, November 3, 2008

More SMA meet and greet. The last one is a pic of Brynlee and Tabitha. Tabitha is another little type 1. She was in the picu while we were there. She was having a hard time keeping her oxygen up. We are so happy that she pulled through and was able to get out of there after being there for a month. Tabitha is a tiny little thing. She is only 2 months younger than Brynlee.


Derek and Christi said...

Brynlee is so cute. I love her hair, is it french braided? We are so lucky that our girls have (long) hair.

Anonymous said...

Oh Tara she is just so adorable! What an angel baby.

Big Daddy and Hot Momma said...

How are things going Tara? I need my weekly photo fix of your cute baby girl!