Friday, April 10, 2009


I am happy to report that Brynlee's fever of 103 is history. She had it for two days and now it is gone. She has a little cough now and I am coughing the holy lasagna out of her but I think we might be in the clear now! Come on Summer, we are totally ready for ya!
P.S. Brynlee's molar is almost out and another top tooth came through. So now we have a total of 8 cute as pie, teeth.


Devon said...

LOL holy are too funny! And I am SO glad that Brynlee is feeling better. We are close to summer...hang in there!!!

I'm sorry I didn't get back to you on Facebook--we are good, thanks!!

Sapna said...

It was so nice talking to you today. Thanks for taking so much time with me. This is a hard life, but we take it day by day. I am glad the fever is finally gone - I can't believe Brynlee and Maya had the same "virus" at the same time! These girls are strong though! Please keep in touch and we'll see you next time we are in SLC. --Sapna Pringle

Jenie said...

I am happy to see everything is better!