Sunday, June 14, 2009

Just life happening here.

I thought I should probably get on and say something. Think Tara, think. Um what have we been up to besides dealing with all this rain? Melodie, I have no idea how you live with so much rain! Anywho, we thought we were going to get Brynlee's hot wheels but found out they didn't end up ordering it until the second. Oh well she wouldn't have been able to drive in the rain anyways. Hopefully we get it the end of this week or the beginning of next week.
We have been trying to shovel vitamins down Brynlee's tube for the past couple of weeks. Its not working out so well. She keeps throwing them up. This is just the multi-vit. She is fine with the Vit D, Iron, and calcium. She is also waking up coughing every morning to the point of her sats dropping into the 80's. I get up and do a treatment and put her back to bed. I forgot what it was like to wake up at 7 am, it sucks. We made a trip into the docs office and had an x-ray to make sure everything was fine. Her lungs looked great, they are definitely taking on the bell shape now, though. So I will just wait and see what happens. I hope this isn't the new norm.
I decided that it was time for me to lose some weight to. So my sister and I started doing weight watchers points. I'm down 12 pounds in 5 weeks, yay! Only 16 more pounds to go. Now I am just waiting for Kristen to have her baby Ava. She is due on the 23rd. I keep asking her if we can make a practice run, but I don't think she is going for it, lol. I love new babies, they are so damn cuddly. So come on Ava its time to cut the cord already!


The Gustafson Family said...

Wow! Good for you losing that weight! I have about twelve pounds I need to lose and am thinking weight watchers may be the way to go! I have been exercising, but not eating well and want to lose a few more pounds before my sister-in-law's July wedding in Vegas!

Melodie said...

LMAO.. come one, you know you love the WA weather.. ya right!! we've had nothin' but sunshine for the past few weeks. BEAUTIFUL!
that's wierd about the coughing in the a.m. i hope it's just a fluke thing??? is she getting her 2 year teeth maybe extra secretions??
congrats on the weight loss!! but i have seen you and you don't have 12 more pounds to lose girl, you look good!! can't wait for her pink wheels to come ! ttyl

The Ogdens said...

riley has a terrible cough too! we just got out of the hospital. sometimes i think these kids are all the same page. lol

Anonymous said...

dear family,

I stumbled onto your site as I was also looking for additional information as my problem with pitikei seems to have increased. In my case, the cause of this is low platelets - they help with clotting and when they are too low there is a chance of hemmorage. Although mine are extremely low - about 5% of normal, they are strong so usually I don't have a problem. I have noticed however, that when I am in the sun they seem to increase. It is indeed connected with autoimmune diseases like thyroid, fibromyalgia, anemia etc. so you might want to have your daughter's thyroid checked if it hasn't already been done. My prayers are with you.