Thursday, August 13, 2009


Brynlee sats are finally around 94 this morning with no bi-pap. This makes me so happy. This means that she is starting to kick this colds butt!

We have been asked to speak at a charity function for our homecare company. They want me to talk about Brynlee and her new chair and how much it means to her. I beleive they will be helping families that don't have insurance get wheels for their kiddo's. I'm kinda nervous because I don't do so good speaking in front of an audience. They are thinking they will be about 100 people there, yikes! Wish me luck and I hope that we can inspire them so that other kids can get some independance to.

We are also having the first Utah SMA walk and Roll on Brynlee's Birthday. It is the 29th of August in Park City. We have decided that she has more than enough toys. For her birthday we would like to have anyone who wants to help find a cure for SMA to sign up for the walk and roll on Brynlee's team. You can still register if you are not going to be able to make it, just click on that button while registering. The link to the site is Please, please, help us out in finding a treatment and more importantly a cure. We are so, so close!


Devon said...

So glad to hear Brynlee is doing better!!

How exciting to speak at the will do great!!

Melodie said...

94 is on the right track~YAY for Brynlee:) Good for you Tara for speaking.. 100 people wow that is a lot. you will do a great job!!!

The Gustafson Family said...

Glad to hear Brynlee is on the mend. Good luck with your speech. Just speak from your heart and you'll do great!

The Ogdens said...

when you are speaking you should tell everyone that if they would stopped dragging their feet more of the kids that are still waiting for their chairs would get them sooner! :)we've been having so many problems with them.

Victoria Strong said...

A friend is going to this! I know it will be big success and what a great way to celebrate Brynlee's birthday!!!