Wednesday, September 2, 2009

More Pics

I unloaded my camera again so here are some more random pics. I love the one's of Brynlee with Kristens baby Ava. Brynlee doesn't like anybody in her space unless she want's them there and she didn't want Ava there, lol!


Ashley said...

What a doll Brynlee is!! The girl really has amazing hair!!!

Junior said...

Brynlee is a beautiful little girl. I enjoyed checking out your blog. Thanks so much for visiting our blog.
Junior started painting a little over a year ago(he was 9). The paint brush on his head is just something I rigged up for him, then he is using a piece of foam board on a tilt board with a canvas panel(the part he actually paints on).

Melodie said... thankful that she is doing better. Hope tomorrow is even better. Love those pink PJ's she's wearing. xoxo

Heather said...

OMG- I know I've told you before- but she has the BEST hair ever!!! I'm so glad she's kicking this illness at home! She must be getting sassier every day:)!! I hope you're feeling better too! Call me when you all are better so we can go rolling with the kiddos.