Wednesday, September 2, 2009

We had a blast at the walk and roll on Brynlee's Birthday. I want to thank everybody who donated on behalf of Brynlee and sma kids everywhere. Last count we raised $790.00!!! Thats without those who registered at the event! You guys all rock!! We were so excited to see everybody. There was so much going on that I didn't get to talk to anyone for long. Thanks grandma and grandpa Adams for making the trip! To everyone else we truly love you all!
My little one is now 2 yrs old. Where has all the time gone? It seems like just yesterday we were bringing here home from the hospital. She was the absolute best baby any mother could ever ask for. Then at five months old we got the news that would change our lives forever. SMA, our daughter would probably not live to her second Birthday and most likely not even her first. So with tears in my eyes I write about how blessed we truly are. That we have gotten 2 amazing years with our spunky little angel. Two years I never thought we would get. With one little smile she turned our world completely upside down, and I wouldn't have it any other way. We love you so much Princess, Here's to another great year!


Tara said...

Happy Birthday Brynlee! You're a princess.

The Ogdens said...

she is so dang cute! happy birthday