Thursday, January 14, 2010

Chase Community Giving on Facebook

The Gwendolyn Strong Foundation ( received a wonderful opportunity to win a $1 Million dollar grant from Chase Bank because of incredible wide ranging support, but now they need help on getting the word out there letting people know how to vote starting January 15th. And because you can only vote for GSF one time in the final round, we need to work extra hard to get beyond our networks and reach new people to vote for GSF. With your help, together we WILL see an end to this cruel disease!

So, in addition to VOTING, please commit to at least 3 things YOU will do from January 15th to January 22nd.

•VOTE: go to

•Email friends the voting link

•Post the voting link to your Facebook status all week long

•Blog about GSF and the $1M miracle to cure SMA

•Twitter the voting link

•BE ANNOYING (we mean persistent:) ALL WEEK LONG! In addition, here are some of the creative plans brewing by our supporters. Will you go the extra mile by doing one of these, too?

•Flyer ---> Download, print, and pass out our campaign flyer. This is especially useful for large groups or people who you don't have email addresses for such as schools, churches, and businesses who you have a personal relationship with. Click here to download the flyer.

•Make it Easy ---> Have your home or work computer open to the voting page - - and tell every person you see to vote. Each person has to log in, but that's it. Simple and brilliant! People are setting up a voting station at local places in the community. Could you set up a voting station at your work or somewhere in your community?

•Contact Groups + Organizations ---> People have asked the organizers of groups they belong to to get involved by emailing a personal plea with the link - - to sorority lists, mom's clubs, company lists, book clubs, alumna and professional organizations, etc. potentially reaching thousands of members! Do you belong to a group who would send an email to its members???

•Direct Message Facebook Friends ---> Since this is on Facebook, a direct message with a personal plea to all of your FB friends goes a long way. So in addition to posting it on your status, send an email to every Facebook friend. In fact, on there is a button that reads "Invite a Friend". By simply clicking this and checking the boxes, you can message your FB friends to vote for GSF. Will you take this extra step?

•Contact BIG bloggers ---> Several people have or are planning to contact bloggers with a large following they think would be a good fit. Imagine if hundreds of people blogged about GSF and posted the video! Do you know any bloggers you can ask to help?

•Get Students Involved ---> One teacher incorporated GSF into her lesson on "grassroots" and posted the voting link - - on the board for her students to write down and visit at home. They are excited about making a difference. Come Jan. 15, I smell a homework assignment :) Do you know any high school or college students willing to campaign for us on Facebook?

Please vote for The Gwendolyn Strong Foundation sometime between January 15-22. We NEED your help.



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I believed I had thought of everything I could do; however, I got several ideas from your blog. Thanks! I really think we have a chance!
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