Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Her nose

FYI, the little owwwweee on her nose is from her bi-pap. We have tried everything, I swear! She has the most sensitive skin and is alergic to everything. Someone suggested cavilon but she is alergic to it. We have tried Dr scholls corn things and that just put to much pressure on the other area. We have tried mole skin, duaderm, techaderm and other stuff. If anyone has anymore ideas I would love to hear them??? Please?!!


Eric and Ashley Wheeler Family said...

She is SO stinking cute! I love all the pictures, and it sounds like things are going well. And pictures of your parents?! :o) Those are priceless! Cute cute!

Sky said...

there is a product called polymem, it comes in pink sheets, very easy on the skin, my sky has very sensitive skin, and we use this polymem every day. If you would like send me an email and I could mail you some, I have lots

Monica English said...

If I were you I would give the wound care nurses at PCMC a call. They have lots of great suggestions and different products. You would just call the operator and ask for the wound care nurse. Darling, darling pictures. Brynlee is getting so big!

Chelsea Marshall said...

Do you guys have an awsome mask?? We got one from Canada that is awsome. Let me know if you want the info about it.

Chelsea Marshall said...

our mask doesnt have gel I can email you a pict if you want me to email me at I dont know if it will work for you but we love it.

Lucy and Ethel said...

My mother-in-law wandered off the blog I'm doing with a fellow SMA mom and found yours. She has been trying to get info to you about Vitamin E all day but couldn't, so I'll pass along the info from her (slightly paraphrased). I can vouch for the effectiveness of Vit E, too!

I'm glad she had trouble herself, as it enabled me to wander off our blog myself and take a peek at Brynlee's site - she's gorgeous!

I'd love to add your blog to the SMA Families page on our blog. If you're interested, just let me know!

Helen Baldwin/'Lucy'


Hi, I'm Nell Baldwin, grandma of Jeffrey Baldwin (you may have seen Helen's blog - The Suite Life of Lucy and Ethel).

I was scrolling around and saw the pic of your little beauty. Wanted to let you know I had a foster child with a feeding tube in his tummy that always got infected. I started using Vitamin E on the place every time I changed his diaper, and it was clean and nice looking all the time. His nurse was amazed.

I used natural E (tocopherol) capsules with all the other factors - 400 IU strength. I kept one on a saucer with a pin. I'd poke a hole in the end of the capsule and squeeze a bit on the place often. Give it a try, if you haven't. One capsule lasts for several applications. Be sure to remember which end has the hole in it!

Blessings, Nell

PS - Pass on the info if it helps.