Tuesday, April 21, 2009

More nose issues

Soooo I tried the polymem again to make sure it wasn't going to work for her. We tried it for two days. By the second day her nose was swollen to the size of a quarter. I felt so bad for my little one. She is so freaking sensitive!!! So we are off to get some Vit E and cloth diapers. I am hoping that this works and I think it just might(fingers crossed). If not we are getting another mask from Canada. Thanks for the help everyone. If this works I just might hug you all, lol!!!!!! Oh yeah and spring is in the air finally. Brynlee got to go outside most of the day yesterday and she was loving it!


Sky said...

oh Im sorry to hear her nose is so bad, I hope you guys find something that works for her soon!

The Ogdens said...

we had such problems with riley's masks and his nose and forehead. i hate how they won't make masks for kids. we have tried a couple other masks. they are adult masks but they come in petite smalls. one is Fisher & Paykel FlexiFit 407this is the one we like the most. it is really soft inside. the other one is a respironics comfort gel in a petite size. another one is a respironics profile lite. all of them come in petite sizes. just do some internet searches and you can purchase them, you'll just have to pay out of pocket. each of these masks are around $100 plus or minus. i hope that helps.

Darren and Jody said...

Hi Tara,

Thank you for your comment. Brynlee is a cute little girl. I noticed your having problems with your mask. What did you do because we are trying to find a diff mask?
Thanks again

The Ogdens said...

Riley is teething. he's got 2 bottom teeth and 2 comming in on the top. he's been a late teether!