Monday, April 27, 2009

SMA Conference

Wow, I just watched part of the SMA Conference and they have found that the carrier status is actually closer to 1 in 30 people than the more than 1 in 40 that was originally thought. Can you believe that? That is insane!! 1 in 30 is nothing!


Anonymous said...

That's an incredible statistics... Just got the chance to check out your website some more. Brynlee is a CUTIE!I love her hair! Re: tasting food with Jojo B., we only give him gravy or sauce or anything that we can easily suction out of his mouth. When we give him solid food to taste, we ask him to suck but not bite. It's scary because sometimes a little piece would get in his mouth then we'd have to quickly get it out of him, and sometimes cough him just to make sure. The speech therapists I work with absolutely do not recommend giving anything by mouth, but how can you say no to your child? It seems so unfair sometimes. I know you understand where I'm coming from. Oh, well we do what we can :o) Maria Baudin

Jenie said...

That is a crazy statistic! I am so happy you are blogging more.