Thursday, April 30, 2009

Swine flu

It's here, welcome to Utah Swine flu. We are officially on lock down. The schools in park city are all closed. Those who don't know park city is about 40 min away from my home. They think they have a case here is SLC to. This is just retarded. It was finally our turn to get out of the house. I am pretty sure we couldn't handle a case of this flu, so here we are at home being quite bored.
Brynlee learned a new trick the other day. She sat in my lap unsupported for more than 3 min. We are so excited about this. She has been on her meds for over a year now and she is starting to get stronger! She can't sit completely on her own on the floor yet but I'm hoping we get there(she will). We got this on camera so now I just have to remember how to put it on the computer. When I figure it out I will put up the video. To all of our SMA families in Utah, be careful!


Anonymous said...

What a nightmare for you! I am so sorry you are stuck in the house right now.

Devon said...

Girl, I am feeling you. Keep safe from that darn pig flu. We're all gonna get through this!!!

The Ogdens said...

that's awesome! by the way, did you get the bipap mask i sent with suzie?